Free yourself from the worries and fears that hold you back

Take that first step now on your journey of self-liberation

You know that you should do something...

You know that you should make that change to free yourself from what is holding you back, keeping you down, locking you into

‘Things’ are not OK… and you know that it is fear of making a change that is keeping you stuck where you don’t want to be, doing what you don’t want to do, being who you don’t want to be.

And every day, every week that passes makes it harder to put off and ignore that call inside.

Funny thing about days and weeks – once gone, they don’t come back again

Let’s make every new one count.

That fear, that worry, that confusion that is blocking you?

It all seems big and powerful while you are trapped in a fearful state, doesn’t it? I understand. I’ve been there.

It seems unlikely that you can overcome it. After all, you’ve been trying to for most of your life

You’ve heard it time and time again. You can free yourself if you want to. You want to be free of the paralyzing pain of fear. You really do. But you couldn’t do it by yourself. 

You’ve read books, attended seminars, talked with friends, joined clubs, maybe even seen professionals. Somehow, you’re still left longing for a life of freedom from fear.

I can help you - actually - help you. 

My work is dedicated to enabling people to explore and fulfil their true, unique potential through totally practical, down-to-earth, highly effective knowledge and practices.

After 25 years in international business, followed by 15 years of leadership performance coaching around the world with people of all cultures and ages, it is clear to me that what holds us back is fear.  However it may manifest for you – stress, anxiety, worry, frustration, anger, impatience, defensiveness, aggression, avoidance – it is this that holds you back from being who you want to be and doing what you want to do …

I faced and overcame my own deep fears when I gave up a successful career in business to pursue my own purpose and fulfilment.  Since then, people from all over the world have benefited from these totally practical and effective tools and techniques – honed from all areas of psychology, ancient traditions and personal experience – that I have developed to enable them to free themselves, find themselves and embark on their journey of fulfilment and contribution.

Now I am delighted to be able to offer you this programme, free of the constraints of time and place.  It will enable you to learn these skills and to liberate yourself on your journey of self-discovery and fulfilment

Join my programme and learn how to use the tools that can set you free. We have nothing to lose but our chains, and our chains are within us. Shrug off the heavy burden of fear and live the life you’ve always dreamed about

Discover the practical tools that will enable you to overcome your fears

How much better will you feel when you are able to do what you know you could be doing, being who you know you can be? When you have freed yourself from that job, that relationship, that frustrating habit?

What would it be like to experience the freedom to explore who and how you could be?

How refreshing would it be to have clarity on your path forward to greater fulfilment?

And what would fulfilment feel like?

What others have been saying

“I’m pretty grounded and can be sceptical of life coaching ‘jargon’, but Jefferson is also very down to earth. During the course of our sessions, he gently helped me to dig out a lot of ungrounded – and frankly, once examined in the cold light of day, quite ridiculous – self-limiting beliefs about my capabilities. Our work together was enlightening and liberating, both professionally and personally, and has really helped me to appreciate my strengths and get the most out of life. One thing that could have been better – I wish our paths had crossed earlier!”

LW, Entrepreneur and business owner

“Working with Jefferson helped me realise afresh what I already knew and was unhappy with, but could not always accept and action. Through the trust he generated, his good questioning, listening and judicious use of metaphors, Jefferson enabled me to develop a deeper emotional engagement with these issues, and with my self and other people. He raised insights for me both professionally and personally that enabled me to take positive action and move forward. Professionally, Jefferson has helped my team work its way out of grid lock and dysfunction.”

CT, Chief Operating Officer, Pharmaceuticals

“Changing your role at work after many years can be a daunting thing. Through his questioning approach, Jefferson encouraged me to view my new role as an opportunity to re-think how I want to be seen by others, to redefine what is important to me and think about what it is that I want to achieve both professionally and personally. The simple act of taking time to self-reflect, expertly guided with a focus on my values, approach to managing others and my ways of working helped me to realise that I could embrace the change and use it as a great opportunity to become the version of me that I want to be.”

AG, Managing Director, Biopharmaceuticals

“I have been fortunate to come across Jefferson upon a new chapter in my career … Through the coaching and discussion sessions with Jefferson he has helped me recognise, or re-enforce, what I know to be true of myself. It has also helped me understand that what I stand for is good and should be enhanced. His style of coaching coupled with my willingness to be open has meant that there is honesty in identifying strengths and opportunities to strengthen. Over time it is helping me build better open relationships and develop into a more leadership role. Perhaps more importantly than anything else Jefferson has become not only a colleague but a friend whom I can trust and that is priceless.

GM, Head of Manufacturing, Chemical Engineering

“Working with Jefferson was transformational. I realised I’d been holding myself back, and not accepting parts of me I did not like, or judged to be ‘wrong’. The programme taught me to be much more self-compassionate, to recognise ‘what is’, not just ‘what’s not’, and to deepen my courage to make meaningful change. Years on, I still reflect on this time of change as profound.”

SW, Speaker, facilitator, coach, mentor

“Working with Jefferson has been immensely valuable to identify some of the reasons we can all act or respond in potentially detrimental ways. Through awareness of others and control of my own actions I have been able to connect more with others and build better relationships.”

BC, Project Leader, Supramolecular Chemistry

“I’m an inquisitive person by nature and I found that working with Jefferson was a great fit for me, he was reassuring and able to answer and explain things clearly. On a personal level, it’s made a difference to my work/life balance, I’m more focussed and less stressed as I’m able to have a better work life balance, with the confidence my team is still delivering. Professionally, we worked together on some senior management and leadership coaching, concentrating on team building and emotional intelligence and forging relationships with colleagues. The strategies and alternative techniques I have learnt with Jefferson have empowered me in my career and I’ve been able to pass this down through all management levels. This has helped to create a stronger, more commutative and efficient team. I am more confident in my role and able to offer support and I’m not afraid to take action when needed. It has allowed me to see other perspectives and converse with others on an adult to adult basis. People feel comfortable talking to me, I am more approachable and understand people better.”

LW, Head of Operations, Leisure Industry

“Jefferson’s perceptive insights have helped us to see fears simply as areas where greater clarity of thought is needed in order to identify problems. The act of identifying a problem is often half of the solution, enabling its removal, and preventing it from being a barrier to our growth.”

BE, Owner/Founder, Structural Engineering

Are you ready to finally change yourself and your relationships for the better?

Now is the time.