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The Tuesday Blog: How NOT to End Up in An Argument When All You Want is a Positive Discussion!

Have you ever started a discussion about an issue, at home or at work, with the intention of having a very rational, adult-to-adult conversation to come to the best solution … And then, five minutes later, you find yourself vigorously, passionately defending an opinion, that you didn’t even know you had five minutes before!  What happened? ”Ego” happened – pride, self-justification, judgement,

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Putting Your Fear ‘Back in its Box’ – The Fearless Culture!

Whatever you may call it – stress, worry, concern, anxiousness, prevarication, avoidance, impatience, nervousness, defensiveness, aggression, helplessness – you are actually talking about Fear.  All of these feelings, states and behaviours are aspects of fear, and they are getting in your way, blocking your success, your fulfilment, your relationships. Of course, fear has its place.  If a car is coming

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Yes, We Live in Different Worlds

Everybody Else Does Live in a Different World! How to Create Your World with Intention and Positivity… How can other people get things so wrong?! How can they not understand what you are trying to say? Why is it so difficult to get people to listen to your point of view? What is it that makes people disagree all the

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