What is your biggest fear?

To be able to live a fearless life, you must first know what your biggest fear is… and overcome it.

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Jefferson Cann

International Leadership Coach,
Facilitator, Speaker and Writer

International Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and Writer

“My work is dedicated to enabling people to explore and fulfil their true, unique potential through totally practical, down-to-earth, highly effective knowledge and practices.

After 25 years in international business, followed by 15 years of leadership performance coaching around the world with people of all cultures and ages, it is clear to me that what holds us back is fear. However it may manifest for you – stress, anxiety, worry, frustration, anger, impatience, defensiveness, aggression, avoidance – it is this that holds you back from being who you want to be and doing what you want to do…”

What others have been saying

“I’m pretty grounded and can be sceptical of life coaching ‘jargon’, but Jefferson is also very down to earth. During the course of our sessions, he gently helped me to dig out a lot of ungrounded – and frankly, once examined in the cold light of day, quite ridiculous – self-limiting beliefs about my capabilities. Our work together was enlightening and liberating, both professionally and personally, and has really helped me to appreciate my strengths and get the most out of life. One thing that could have been better – I wish our paths had crossed earlier!”

LW, Entrepreneur and business owner

“Working with Jefferson helped me realise afresh what I already knew and was unhappy with, but could not always accept and action. Through the trust he generated, his good questioning, listening and judicious use of metaphors, Jefferson enabled me to develop a deeper emotional engagement with these issues, and with my self and other people. He raised insights for me both professionally and personally that enabled me to take positive action and move forward. Professionally, Jefferson has helped my team work its way out of grid lock and dysfunction.”

CT, Chief Operating Officer, Pharmaceuticals

“Working with Jefferson was transformational. I realised I’d been holding myself back, and not accepting parts of me I did not like, or judged to be ‘wrong’. The programme taught me to be much more self-compassionate, to recognise ‘what is’, not just ‘what’s not’, and to deepen my courage to make meaningful change. Years on, I still reflect on this time of change as profound.”

SW, Speaker, facilitator, coach, mentor

“Working with Jefferson has been immensely valuable to identify some of the reasons we can all act or respond in potentially detrimental ways. Through awareness of others and control of my own actions I have been able to connect more with others and build better relationships.”

BC, Project Leader, Supramolecular Chemistry

“Jefferson’s perceptive insights have helped us to see fears simply as areas where greater clarity of thought is needed in order to identify problems. The act of identifying a problem is often half of the solution, enabling its removal, and preventing it from being a barrier to our growth.”

BE, Owner/Founder, Structural Engineering