Yes, We Live in Different Worlds

Everybody Else Does Live in a Different World!

How to Create Your World with Intention and Positivity…

How can other people get things so wrong?! How can they not understand what you are trying to say? Why is it so difficult to get people to listen to your point of view? What is it that makes people disagree all the time?

Have you ever had the feeling that other people live in entirely different worlds to you – or even different universes?

Well, that is because we literally do all live in different worlds!

When we forget this and start to passionately defend our own ‘world’ instead of trying to connect with and understand the other’s, it is a symptom of fear, and fear is destructive – four yourself and your relationships… and your team, family, community …

You can see and sense an increase in fear all around us. It seems to be increasing as the old social, economic, political and belief certainties dissolve around us. The results of fear-based behaviours of aggression, defensiveness, victimhood and hyper-reactivity are evident in all these areas as well as in our own lives. People don’t want to engage and learn from each other anymore – they just seem to want to shout at each other from behind the barricades they have erected!

But we do not need to be infected, possessed by the fear around us.

Even though there may well be a ‘real world out there’, the one we each live in is the world inside our heads – the one we create on the basis of all the sensory impacts and perceptions we have, and the filters of experience and attitude we apply to them.


This inner world – what we each call our ‘real’ world – is shaped by many factors, most of which we have adopted and internalized without knowing. It is our ‘default’ world. And the way I construct this world causes me to be anxious, concerned, worried, fearful … to behave hesitantly, naively, defensively, aggressively, fearfully.

It is the world we create for ourselves that is our greatest limitation.

It is our ability to create this world that also makes it the potential route to freedom, to choice, to fulfilment.

When we know how we have created the ‘default’ world we have lived in all our lives, we can begin to bring intention and choice to the world we create for ourselves going forward.

We can choose to work towards positivity, freedom, gratitude, love, connection, fulfilment for ourselves and others.

It all depends on the ‘stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we choose to believe …

We can choose, as the great poet Rumi says, “To simplify our worrying lives … To water the fruit trees, not the thorns”.

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